01 : Paul Rand

Paul Rand
Conversations with Students
by Michael Kroeger

I never seem to understand why Paul Rand is a legend, shame on me but I just never did. He was the first iconic graphic designer introduced to me in my BA class back then. IBM logo designed by him is the classic example of all the logo ever made. And that’s pretty much it.

Since I’m back to become a student for 2 years, and I’ve paid thousands of pounds just to be here. So I figured it would be nice to gain the most out of it. One of it is to fully utilize all facilities the school have provided.

Sound stingy as it is, here I am at the library, there is a shelf dedicated to books related to Paul Rand. So I picked out the smallest one to begin with. It was a great choice though. Having to read this book I can have a sense of how great this man was. It is more than a great logo that he created. From the recorded conversations in the book I can see that Paul Rand is one of a kind graphic designer that has truly, insightfully, mastered the discipline. He talked about basic things such as design, lines, dots, or aesthetic at the level beyond my gasp. Even when he talked in a mindful way, for his students to understand. It simple, make sense, but it is like an introduction to the extensive world I’ve never known of.


Paul Rand’s quote on appreciation of aesthetic.

I want to be in his class.

Rand’s attitude suggested that design is indeed intellectual, and I agree with him. Just like any other expertise, I can never understand the whole thing without intensive observation of everything around it. So I think using the library thing is a pretty good idea. And this blog is about sharing the what I have found afterwards.

Hello there and thank you for your attention.


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